The Journey To New Revenue Heights

The airline industry faces immense complexity when it comes to payments. With siloed systems, legacy technology, and a myriad of regulations, turning payments into a profit centre has been an ongoing challenge. However, by unlocking the power of payments through a solution called Payment Orchestration, airlines can simplify complexity, boost revenues, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

In our latest e-book, "Unleash the Power of Payments Orchestration," we explore how Payment Orchestration helps airlines optimise payments. From embracing Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) to streamlining refunds and chargebacks, this solution oversees an airline's entire payment ecosystem for maximum efficiency.

Why Payment Orchestration matters for airlines

Between managing various payment service providers, navigating cross-border transactions, and keeping up with emerging payment trends, airlines deal with some of the most multifaceted payment ecosystems. Without a holistic solution, it's easy for payments to become a cost sinkhole.

That's where Payment Orchestration comes in – overseeing the entire payments ecosystem to help airlines maximise revenues. According to our research, the airline industry spends over $20 billion on payment costs annually, amounting to nearly 80% of the industry's net profit. By optimising payments, airlines can achieve tangible impact on their bottom line.

Here are three major ways Payment Orchestration benefits airlines:

  1. Embracing Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

    From Apple Pay to PayPal, Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are exploding in popularity across the globe. Offering these convenient mobile and digital payment options enhances customer satisfaction and opens up new markets.

    With intelligent routing capabilities, Payment Orchestration enables airlines to easily integrate and manage a range of APMs to create a tailored checkout experience. Airlines can instantly turn on or off different payment methods to meet local market demands.

  2. Simplifying cross-border transactions

    As predominantly international companies, airlines handle a high volume of cross-border transactions. Navigating different currencies, regulations, rates, and risks across markets introduces payment friction.

    Payment Orchestration gives airlines the flexibility to integrate multiple international payment providers at optimum foreign exchange rates. It also ensures that only the most efficient payment options are displayed to customers in each market. This simplifies and secures cross-border transactions.

  3. Streamlining refunds and disputes

    Between pandemic-related refunds and the complexities of embedded systems, managing refunds and chargebacks is a thorny challenge for airlines. However, Payment Orchestration helps consolidate and reconcile transactions to smoothly handle disputes.

    With deep airline integration capabilities, this solution turns refunds and chargebacks from frustration into a chance to strengthen customer loyalty.

Overcoming payment turbulence in aviation

Between siloed systems, legacy technology, outdated processes and a maze of regulations, payments have remained an ongoing pain point for airlines. However, by seeing payments as an opportunity rather than merely a challenge, airlines can overcome this turbulence.

By embracing emerging trends like Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), simplifying cross-border transactions, and smoothing refunds and chargebacks, Payment Orchestration helps airlines remove payment friction, boost revenues and enhance customer experience.

As the undisputed leader in Payment Orchestration for airlines, CellPoint Digital partners with major carriers worldwide to optimise their payment ecosystems. Whether through intelligent routing capabilities, instant global payment method activation or simplified reconciliation, we help airlines gain altitude with their payments.

To learn more about the future of airline payments and how Payment Orchestration serves as the key to unlocking payment potential, download our ebook today and contact our payment experts to learn more.