Payment Orchestration: Intelligent Routing

Control your payment ecosystem with one simple integration

Having multiple acquirer or PSP relationships is essential to get the most from payments. Magic happens with CellPoint Digital’s Velocity Payment Orchestration Intelligent Payment Routing. It is the secret ingredient to connect, optimise and transform how you manage payments and improve overall profitability. Built using both existing and new partnerships, it gives you:

  • control over all of your payments
  • improved acceptance and conversion rates and
  • reduced processing costs

Easily integrate to Velocity to expand and strengthen your existing acquirer/PSP partnerships. A rules-based command center lets you control, configure and customize your payment ecosystem based on variables meaningful to your business – including customer experience, cost, risk, failover and currency.

Intelligently routing

Use rules to intelligently route your transactions

When your customer makes a purchase, transactions are routed across any number of acquirers – in real-time with no customer experience impact. Insight driven decisions are possible through back-end reconciliation, reporting and analytics.

CellPoint Digital’s Intelligent Payment Routing is optimised to markets and currencies and empowers you with the information you need to hold acquirers and PSPs accountable and even scorecard their performance.

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See the impact Payment Orchestration can drive with our Payments Cost Reduction Calculator.

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