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More and more travel transactions are being made online today across multiple devices and channels

Because CellPoint Digital has focused on travel since our beginning, we understand the nuances and complexity of omni-channel, mobile-native and cross-border payments and we are here to help you optimize for a better client experience, higher conversion and reduced costs.

Our worldwide payment ecosystem enables your customers to pay with their preferred methods in their preferred currency wherever they travel. And we know how to integrate with your reservation and booking systems – the foundation for supporting travel companies.

Travel companies can take advantage of the benefits of multi-acquirer and PSP relationships including built in fail-over, regional payment networks with lower costs and the ability to benchmark and scorecard the performance of your payment providers. Our Payment Orchestration Platform gives you the power of multiple payment providers and a Control Console to manage them all in one place.

Rail and Mass Transit

Smartphones are quickly becoming the method of payment for rail and mass-transit customers. No more ticket machines and cash payments, mobile payments and contactless payments is the wave of the future.

CellPoint Digital can help you accept more payment types through your ticketing systems and open up alternative payment methods that allow you have easier, less complicated back-office reconciliation. Our Payment Orchestration Platform will allow you to reach more passengers and commuters with a cashless solution.

Hotels and Hospitality

According to recent research hotels and hospitality companies are looking to use their online direct booking channel more and CellPoint Digital’s Payment Orchestration Platform is made for exactly what you need. We can optimize payments at a digital point of sale, offer more payment types and help you generate more profit from the channel worldwide. Our two-level reporting gives you insight into overall performance as well as at an individual property or management company.

Online Travel Agencies

Like other retail e-commerce, Online Travel Agencies are often managing cross-border payments and back office reconciliation that make Payment Orchestration a natural benefit. With the ability to offer customers a variety of payment methods including spilt payments, BNPL and pay-by-link, you open options for your customers, resulting in more transaction conversions. Our insights tools give you the ability to manage your entire payment eco-system in one place.

Cruise Lines

As cruises make a comeback post-pandemic, more and more passengers are booking their cruises online. As a Cruise Line, you want to make payment as easy as possible and through installment payments, BNPL and split payments, CellPoint Digital’s Payment Orchestration Platform can help you capture more online transactions and direct bookings, saving you money and increasing profits.

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