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Boost your bottom line through Payment Orchestration

The airline business is complex, and payments can be a costly part of doing business. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Payments are an integral part of the travel booking experience. Having a smooth and optimised process for travellers is critical, but so is having the right back-office capabilities. We are the only Payment Orchestration Platform that offers both. With a deep understanding of what is needed through ticketing, reconciliation, refunds and credits, CellPoint Digital is leading the future of payments for airlines.


Why the airline payment process matters

Through our Payment Orchestration Platform, you can capture more transactions and greater revenue meaning immediate payback.

  • Over 23% of airline customers will abandon their travel transaction
  • More than 10% claim it is because they have a problem with payments
  • Passengers will update their flight options or pre-pay for value added services if they can use a system that saves their payment information

Insights win…Every time

Our Vision Dashboard gives you a single source of truth by providing insights to the performance of your various payment types and the ability to adjust your payment eco-system in real time.

We give you the power to see what is happening with each payment provider and to gain an understanding of how your payments are performing. And then, to make it even better, you can adjust and change the rules of your payment eco-system at the click of a button, giving you more control and ultimately better results.

See how we can help you get the best business outcomes from your payment system.

Our CEO on the air

Our CEO, Kristian Gjerding, has worked with airlines throughout his career and has a vision for how airlines can turn payments from a cost to a profit booster. Watch this presentation from the CAPA Aviation Summit in March 2022 to learn more.

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