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Make payments a profit booster

We are CellPoint Digital and we can dramatically transform payment processing for your business

Think payments must be a complex and costly part of doing business? Think again.

Think of taking control. We help you take control of your payments and give you the power of insights to make informed decisions about your payment ecosystem.

Think of easy. We make it easy to use our platform. You don’t have to renegotiate with your payment provider, you don’t have to make system changes, you don’t have to blow things up to make them better.

Think of money. That’s right, we help you make more money and help save on operating costs.

Think of CellPoint Digital. The global leader in Payment Orchestration. We’d love to get to know you and see how we can help you turn payments into a strategic advantage for your business.

We love our clients

CellPoint Digital is the pioneer of the Payment Orchestration category...

... and we are constantly innovating to help you simplify and optimize your payment business.

What is Payment Orchestration? Imagine 400+ multi-acquirer relationships, card schemes, alternative payment methods, currencies – all simplified and integrated into a single platform.


Card Schemes


Alternative Methods of Payment


Acquirers, PSPs & Aggregators

All done in real-time, with no customer impact and no business disruption for you with an easy overlay to your existing provider relationships.

The best part? Increased transparency gives you the power of actionable insights to improve your payment efficiency – increasing conversions and reducing processing costs.

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