Boost revenues from all digital channels

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The challenge

Travellers are shifting to digital channels.
Digital revenues are growing at double digit rates. The challenge for travel companies is to offer customers a seamless path to purchase across all channels and all the new payment options.
We help you execute your digital strategy, orchestrate all your digital payment transactions and fluidify the customer journey in a post-covid world.

The solution

Woman using responsive website or mobile app powered by Voyage omni-channel digital commerce platform

Full Digital Platform: Voyage

An omni-channel digital platform to optimize your full sales cycle.
Voyage simplifies and unifies the digital user experience across all your digital channels, website, mobile web or mobile native app. Offer promotions, mobile and internet bookings, self-service, and a frictionless payment experience. Use data-driven optimization to boost conversion rates.

Voyage is available for airlines, rail and mass transit operators and will be configured for other travel segments in the near future.

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Couple making a mobile payment transaction orchestrated by a payment orchestration platform

Payment Orchestration Platform: Velocity

A unique Payment Orchestration Platform to optimize all your transactions.
Velocity ensures a fast and seamless digital payment experience across all your digital channels. Create and manage your own payment eco-system. Deploy the new payment methods your customers want to use. Process and monitor all transactions (cards, alternative forms of payment, loyalty) and optimize every transaction with intelligent routing.

Our payment orchestration platform is configurable to any travel segment and is up and running with airlines, rail, mass transit operators, hotel chains, theme parks, car riding companies, online travel agencies...

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Boost performance

Our mission: to grow your digital revenues by making travel easier.
Adding few payment or e-commerce features is not good enough to deliver higher revenue, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction over time. You need new generations platforms that can easily orchestrate multiple changes across all channels. We monitor all key performance indicators in real-time and use that data to continuously improve your performance.

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shorter time to market


increased conversion


cut of total cost of ownership


increased mobile app usage

Our customers

We serve travel companies around the world

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Providing modern digital payment solutions to our customers is critical.

Christopher Priebe
Director, Treasury, Payments and Risk - Southwest Airlines.
Avianca airline logo Payment Orchestrator

We needed an agnostic payment orchestrator to process, optimise and automate all our payments through all our channels. CellPoint Digital's advanced Payment Orchestration Platform will enable us to improve the purchasing experience for our customers and execute our payment strategy, boost our payment acceptance rate and reduce our average payment costs.

Alvaro Rosales
Payment Methods Manager, Avianca Holdings
Cebu Pacific Air logo

As we continue transforming processes towards a frictionless experience, implementing effective and secure online payment portals is critical. With Velocity, we look forward to providing our passengers an omni-channel experience and the ease of one-click payments, along with localized options in all markets

Candice Iyog
Vice President for Marketing and Customer Experience - Cebu Pacific

Who do we help?

Family traveling more easily using digital commerce and payment solutions

Dedicated to travel

We focus on travel because we know how to do it right.

Delivering efficient digital commerce and payment orchestration solutions to travel companies requires a deep expertise in their core systems and processes. Our unique combination of fintech and travel tech experience means we can innovate to solve real pain points for travel companies.

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Our services

We deliver speed, design, peace of mind and performance.
We were born with an agile DNA and modern technology practices. We deliver fast, scalable and reliable solutions so that you can focus on growing your business.

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Fast delivery:

We launch your new payment orchestration or full digital platform in a few months using our integration expertise and growing payments eco-system, plus our travel business know-how.

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Omni-channel design:

We unify your user experience to make it seamless across your responsive website and your native mobile app.

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Stringent security:

We protect your data and your business with our PCI DSS 3.2 certification and GDPR compliance.

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We automatically scale with volume with our cloud-based platforms and easily add new features with our micro-service architecture.

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Peace of mind operations:

We ensure 99.99% system availability and provide 24/7 level 2 support for the most reliable service.

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Optimization consulting:

We analyse your performance and help you implement your best digital commerce or payment strategy.

Let’s do it now.

The fast-growing digital world won’t wait.

Don’t spend months in RFP or years in implementation. Focus on action. We like to move fast. We can help you launch a proof of concept, deploy a brand new platform and enjoy rapid and healthy ROI within months.

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Boost revenues from all digital channels

Woman using Voyage full digital commerce platform to book and pay, add ancillary, change flights and check-in on a responsive website or a native mobile app.