Spotlight: Basim's passion for combining business and technical knowledge

Basim Reza has extended experience in designing and delivering complex systems from various industries both as a Software Engineer and Enterprise Architect. His passion is combining a deep business understanding with deep technical knowledge and excellent team work.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in Frederiksberg, a city completely enclosed by Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I have a daughter, aged 12, who has started to give me all sorts of wonderful troubles. My personal interests are wide and encompass reading, music, movies, and the occasional board game with friends. I do try to keep up with some exercises but lately have been prioritising other activities...

What do you do here at CellPoint Digital?

My formal position is Head of Enterprise Architecture, tasked with ensuring architecture, processes and organisation in combination are a good fit for ensuring we reach our business goals. Day-to-day activities can be as varied as helping optimise a database and engaging with potential partners to understand how we can expand our business.

Can you tell us about a key moment in your career journey that has influenced your life?

I remember and am guided by, my failures much more vividly than my successes. This does turn you into less than a maverick. Conversely, I try my best not to let it stifle my natural inclination to introduce changes for the better.

What do you think is the most important trait for a person to have to be successful at CellPoint Digital?

The usual elements of being a team player and having an open and inclusive personality are always a winner. But continuously striving for simplicity is a key trait, not just in engineering, but even product design, customer support and yes, even sales.

Further, CellPoint Digital is a truly global organisation. Being global is part of our DNA, and so being able to navigate the cultural barrier, and time zones, is the hallmark of the successful person in CellPoint Digital.

Any tips for aspiring Architects & Engineers?

Avoid getting blinded by technology. Invest much more time to deeply understand the problem that you want to solve, before applying a solution.

But first and foremost, build bridges across the organisation and connect with people. Helping others, if not a reward in itself, is actually an investment in the future. The day you will need help, that investment will pay.

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