Spotlight: Aarushi Singh Chatterjee

With her exceptional organisational skills, analytical mindset, and creative approach, Aarushi consistently drives impactful change and optimisation of projects. A true strategic thinker, Aarushi thrives on helping teams reach their full potential by optimising processes and fostering a culture of collaboration.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Born and married into a multicultural family, I enjoy working with various cultures. I love travelling and learning about different cultures through meeting new people. Although I have a degree in Engineering - Electronics & Communication, I have always wanted to pursue a career in human behaviour and coaching. With that vision, I obtained an MBA in Organisational Leadership from the University of Michigan, USA. I have a rich and varied experience in human resources, project management, business operations, and agile processes. Throughout my career, I have worked with technology, finance, infrastructure, and HR functions.

Last year, I moved to Copenhagen with my husband, Sarnendu, and our 6-year-old daughter, Amaira. My daughter is my biggest strength and also the most challenging stakeholder. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, painting and occasionally playing the ukulele. I love to travel and experience different cuisines. Every kilogram I have gained tells a story.

As a Scrum Master Lead at CellPoint Digital, what are your primary responsibilities in facilitating agile development processes, and how do you ensure that your team is delivering high-quality products that meet our clients' needs?

As a Scrum Master Lead, I play the role of coach, guide, and servant leader to Scrum teams, product owners, and other stakeholders regarding agile practices. In my day-to-day responsibilities, I guide other Scrum Masters and support Scrum teams in delivering scoped work and overcoming any obstacles. I ensure consistent and effective implementation of the agreed-upon processes across the teams, making necessary changes as required. As we are still adapting to Agile processes, I constantly strive to optimise the processes followed at CellPoint Digital with the support of relevant stakeholders and experts from various areas. I lead a strong team of three exceptional Scrum Masters who help drive Scrum methodologies across multiple Scrum teams.

Can you describe how the company culture at CellPoint Digital supports agile development processes, and how you foster innovation and collaboration among your team members?

CellPoint Digital is an amazing place to work with our leaders providing a great environment for professional development and collaboration. I have been fortunate to work with exceptional leaders across the business as we enter our next stage of growth. Earlier this year, we had a transformative workshop centred around collaboration, trust, and honesty to further strengthen our capabilities as we scale our operations. Whilst we are still in the process of learning, improving, and adapting to the changes. We know that this is just the beginning, and there is so much more to achieve.

The changes we are undergoing regarding agile processes are significant, and we could not have achieved what we have accomplished so far without the support of every individual in the organisation. I am extremely happy to be a part of this remarkable organisation where everyone is open to feedback and understands that we are constantly working together to optimise processes and deliver the best results. The leaders at CellPoint Digital believe in providing an open and secure environment for generating and implementing our ideas for the betterment of the organisation.

What career growth and development opportunities are available to you as a Scrum Master at CellPoint Digital, and how does the company support your professional development and help you achieve your career goals in agile methodologies?

I began my journey at CellPoint Digital as a project manager for the Scalability project. At the start of this year, I transitioned into the role of Scrum Master Lead. In February 2023, we officially launched the Scrum teams, and with guidance from the leadership team, I led a company-wide workshop on the Scrum process. The workshop was highly successful, as it provided participants with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Scrum.

Additionally, it allowed management to identify areas for improvement based on the feedback gathered from the teams. Setting up a Scrum team from scratch is a highly desirable opportunity for a Scrum Master, and CellPoint provided me with that chance. Working alongside exceptional Agile experts and coaches in the business has further enhanced my skills. If you have the determination and skill, the team at CellPoint Digital is there to provide support.

And finally - What is the most rewarding experience you've had as a Scrum Master at CellPoint Digital, and how have you helped your team members grow and develop their skills in agile methodologies?

Every project I have worked on at CellPoint Digital has been a deeply enriching and rewarding experience. Whether it was the scalability project, which focused on enterprise architectural change, or the agile transformation project, which is revolutionising the way we work, each one has provided me with valuable learning opportunities. Strategic and optimisation projects hold a special place in my heart, and that is precisely what agile transformation is all about - optimising our development and delivery processes. Agile is not just about being organised and systematic; it also entails continuous improvement. I wholeheartedly believe in this principle and instil the same values across all the scrum teams. We encourage open sharing of any shortcomings and collaborate to find solutions that foster the growth of a high-performing team. Taking ownership of team deliverables and supporting one another is what drives our success.

The decision I made a year ago to move to a new country and start my career in Copenhagen was undoubtedly worth it because I said "Yes" to CellPoint Digital.