Survey: Payments Comes of Age

Payments Come of Age: A global study of airlines and their payment technology needs and challenges

The payment landscape is evolving, and airlines have a choice to make.

In today's digital era, consumers have an unprecedented array of payment options at their fingertips. From traditional methods like credit cards to emerging alternatives like digital wallets and buy now, pay later solutions, the choices passengers make are shaping the future of the payment landscape.

This new era of payment choice presents both challenges and opportunities for airlines. How can you adapt to meet the evolving preferences of travellers across diverse markets? What payment trends should you prioritise to drive revenue, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences?

Explore this paradigm shift in CellPoint Digital's ground-breaking report, "Payments Come of Age: A Global Study of Airlines and Their Payment Technology Needs and Challenges" – your expert guide to navigating the payment landscape in the airline industry.

Survey: Payments Come of Age

Payment challenges in the airline industry:

Discover the top challenges facing airlines today, from complex reconciliation processes to the need for more flexible payment options. Dive into our comprehensive report to uncover the solutions driving industry growth.

Survey: Payments Come of Age

How payments impact the booking process:

Uncover the critical role payments play in shaping the passenger experience and driving conversions. Get insights into how airlines are addressing challenges like brand consistency and complex booking processes.

Survey: Payments Come of Age

The growing importance of payment technology:

Explore how airlines are investing in payment technology to meet evolving passenger demands. Learn why 62% of surveyed airlines already accept Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) and how this trend is shaping the future of air travel.

Survey: Payments Come of Age

APMs and fintech tools: Opportunities and challenges:

Delve into the rising demand for alternative payment methods (APMs) and the challenges airlines face in adopting them. Discover regional variations in payment preferences and investment priorities, and unlock opportunities for market expansion.

Survey: Payments Come of Age

Payment Orchestration as a solution:

Unlock the power of Payment Orchestration to streamline payment processes and boost revenue. Learn how CellPoint Digital’s solution transforms the cost of payments into profit, providing unmatched visibility and control over payment operations. Download the full report for actionable insights and strategies to elevate your airline's payment experience.