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Payment Orchestration Platform optimises how you operate

Gaming and gambling are two industries that have evolved substantially over the past few decades. While previously the only way to play was with a coin to put into the arcade machine, FOBT or to hand to a cashier – these days, ways to play, in both spaces, have fundamentally changed.

With changing times, you need a method of payment that makes it easy for customers to join in with ease. With more customers than ever before realizing the ease of purchasing through digital channels, our Payment Orchestration tool provides you with a quick and easy implementation and orchestration of hundreds of payment methods, acquirers, PSPs and aggregators, all through a single platform, anywhere in the world.

Alternative payment methods


US: abandon transactions if no favourite APM


Europe: consumers want to pay with a digital method


LATAM: % population now banked


APAC: consumers consider using an APM in 2022

The answer for uninterrupted gaming and gambling needs

The customer journey in both the gaming and gambling sectors has changed forever. Both industries have received unparalleled growth over a relatively short period of time thanks to innovations within each, but one aspect that is prevalent in both is that customers now demand more local transactions to take place.

They want to compete and be involved with just a touch of a button from their mobile device. This means that you need a payment platform that is responsive and can be tailored to the needs of your customers, to give them an experience where they don’t need to visit a brick and mortar store – it’s all right there, in the palm of their hand.

How Payment Orchestration enables more players to take part in online gaming

Kristian Gjerding
Co-founder and CEO, CellPoint Digital

Article in The Fintech Times: “The platforms provide gaming operators with a single interface through which all transactions between themselves, their customers, and their payment providers are initiated, directed, and validated. The agility this confers to gaming operators who would otherwise need to manually integrate new APM options – resulting in protracted time-to-market and decreased competitiveness – is considerable.”

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Insights and Optimization

Real-time monitoring, precise data collection, failover options and a wide range of analytics and reporting options.

High Conversion

Multiple payment options and methods that allow your customers to pay how they want to.

Automated Servicing

Services like chargebacks, transaction management and more than just work, without any input.

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