Services: Working Together

Let Payment Orchestration work for you

Payment Orchestration can be a powerful tool to drive your business forward and working with CellPoint Digital means you will be working with the team who pioneered Payment Orchestration. Our scalable and reliable platform is fully deployed and delivering measurable value to clients around the world.

We will always put the mission first, which means that we will be open and transparent with you throughout our relationship. If things are doing well, we will celebrate together. If there are problems we will take accountability and solve them together. At our core, we are people who do the right thing and take ownership and accountability for the outcomes we promise.

Working Together

Relationships matter

At CellPoint Digital, we pride ourselves on being more than a partner to our clients. We are accountable to you. We look out for you. We bring you ideas about how to get even more from our platform. We believe in the power of relationships and our dedication to our shared mission will not waiver.

We are committed to delivering on our promises and demonstrating the return on investment that Payment Orchestration and your relationship with CellPoint Digital provides. Our proprietary Value Calculator is a tool that shows our clients just how much of a return you are getting and helps you maximise payments for your business.

You always get our best

You have unique needs, requirements and regulations, so you need a partner who can deliver the solutions you need while maintaining security and availability. We have proven processes, people and technology to deliver what you need.

Unlimited Scalability

Our cloud-based platform automatically scales with changes in volume. There is no limit to how big your payment solution can get, even during peak times, so you can expand and grow as you need. Because our solutions are based on microservice architectures and integrate with APIs, we can develop and roll out new features to our clients quickly.

Highly Available

Our payment processing platforms manage millions of transactions every month. They auto-scale in the cloud and deliver 99.999% uptime for our clients.

We continuously monitor performance levels according to defined service level agreements and provide 24/7 support globally. We’re here to ensure availability no matter where your business is.

Best-in-Class Security

Protecting your data is one of our top priorities. Our payment operations are PCI DSS3.2 and 3D certified and GDPR compliant. We use the most advanced encryption techniques available and continuously perform vulnerability testing to ensure your data is safe.