Payment Gateway: Hosted Payment Page

Deliver a seamless experience to your customers

CellPoint Digital’s Hosted Payment Page is a turnkey solution that easily integrates with your website to enable you to accept, control and optimise payment transactions across all digital channels – and offer your customers a responsive, safe and convenient way to make online payments.

Hosted Payment Page

Easy, fast and seamless

Our Hosted Payment Page is a secure checkout page hosted by us. Your customers are seamlessly redirected to our Hosted Payment Page when they’re ready to pay – and automatically redirected back to your site when the transaction is complete.

For merchants who prefer to keep customers on their site we have a companion iFrame solution.

The best part? You can get up and running quickly with no business disruption.

Your brand, front and center

You can customize our Hosted Payment Page to match the look and feel of your brand keeping the customer tied to the brand experience you want.

Real Optimization

In addition to language, currency and payment method, you can have the power to truly optimize all aspects of your payments. We are constantly innovating by utilizing machine learning, data analysis, customer feedback, A/B and multivariate testing to evolve the intelligence of our functionality, giving you the benefit of insight-based decision-making.

From purchase to protection

We handle the entire transaction process for you – from the collection of payment information to the protection of sensitive payment data, including handling Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. All you have to do is complete SAQ A.

Hosted Payment Page

Built for global companies – and your global customers

CellPoint Digital’s Hosted Payment Page supports 30+ languages, 135+ currencies, 28+ card schemes, 168+ payment methods and dynamically presents the payment methods most likely to improve conversion or lower costs.

We’ve seen dramatic results. Some of our enterprise clients have enjoyed as much as a 15% increase in sales after enabling local payment methods.

Hosted Payment Page

Drive conversion rates

With a checkout process that is easy and intuitive for your customers you can increase conversion rates. Allowing customers to input and store payment information as well as red flag and correct any errors in real-time creates a frictionless payment experience.

  • Address auto-complete
  • One-click payment using Pay by Link
  • Real-time card validation
  • Granular/descriptive error messages
  • Card brand identification
  • Saved cards, tokenized for secure reuse

Let the experts handle your online payments

If you’re ready to amplify conversions with your Hosted Payment Page, we’d love to chat. Just give us a little info, and we’ll be in touch soon.