Airline Travel Payments Virtual Summit 2020

Adapt and accelerate your payment strategy with CellPoint Digital.

With new challenges facing digital travel payments, the proliferation of new payment methods, and the increasing risk of fraud and data breaches, staying ahead of market and industry changes while being tied to legacy payment systems is an ongoing and costly issue for airlines and travel companies across the globe.  

The CellPoint Digital team will be participating in the 2020 Airline Travel Payment Summit October 20-22 to discuss how the Payment Orchestration Program helps airlines orchestrate a payment strategy and seamless, omni-channel experience for all customers that quickly implements new payment methods, increases conversions, and improves operating margin with a single platform. 

Join our live stream for exclusive content, interviews, and a deep dive into the current state of travel payment and how the Velocity Payment Orchestration Platform can help your airline capitalise on opportunity cost savings and new revenue streams.

Can’t attend the summit, but want to learn more? Book a virtual meeting with us and learn how your airline can accelerate your payment strategy and orchestrate payments across all channels and markets.

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