Design your payment orchestration platform for mobile channels or any device


Design your end-to-end digital payment solution

Velocity: Core platform modules


  • Control Console
  • Intelligent Routing


  • Card Schemes
  • Direct Scheme Connection
  • Alternative Payment Hub
  • Loyalty points, Vouchers

Added-Value Services:

  • Wallet
  • Pay by Link
  • Split payment
  • Multi-Currency
  • Fraud Screening

Unified UX:

  • Responsive Hosted Payment Pages
  • Native Mobile SDK
  • Restful API


  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Deep Analytics
  • Automated Reconciliation

Velocity control console to define the most appropriate payment eco-system made of card schemes, acquiers, PSPs, alternative payment methods
Velocity configuration screen for intelligent routing enabling routing optimisation between several acquirers and fail-over options


Control Console

At the heart of the payment orchestration platform, your control console allows you to build your own payment eco-system with the cards, acquirers, alternative forms of payment or payment service providers you need in all your markets. Simply switch on and off any provider from our growing payment eco-system. You are now fully in control to drive payment transaction costs down and take out payment friction in each market.

Intelligent Routing

Implement a multi-acquirer strategy to optimize the routing of each card payment transaction in all your markets. Maximize acceptance rates and minimize your interchange costs. For each payment transaction, the best acquirers will be selected based on their latest acceptance performance and the deal you have with them. Should a transaction fail, we will automatically retry with the second-best acquirer to ensure acceptance, and so on.

Velocity Processing any global or local card scheme, debit or credit
Velocity Processing directly main card schemess
Velocity Alternative Payment Hub giving access to global and numerous alternatvie payment methods like e-wallet, bank transfer, pay by installment, cash-based payment
Velocity Pay with miles and cash


Card Schemes

Offer the global and local card schemes you need in all your markets. We deliver consistent card payment options across web and native mobile app. Card display can be prioritized for each location to increase conversion rates. CellPoint is PCI DSS 3.2 certified. We use two-factor authentication and dynamic 3D secure. PSD2 ready.

Direct Scheme Connection

Directly connect to VisaNet, American Express, UATP or Discover card schemes and reduce cost by bypassing payment service providers. Why pay intermediaries? Monitor all these direct processing transactions in real-time via the same dashboard.

Alternative Payment Hub

Alternative forms of payment are proliferating and are vital to convert sales, especially on mobile. Pick the ones you need globally or locally from our growing hub and integrate them across all channels in a few weeks: mobile payment, 3rd party wallet, bank transfers, installments, cash-based payments. Prioritize them based on customer origin or location. Give more choice to your customers and increase your payment acceptance and conversion rates.

Loyalty Points, Vouchers

Support your customers with more flexibility in uncertain times and let them pay with loyalty points, vouchers or gift cards. Your own payment schemes can be integrated as payment methods across all your digital channels. Simple for us, we just need to connect with your loyalty or voucher management system.

Velocity eWallet stored card with single sing one to enable one click payment anywhere
Velocity pay-by-link availabel by in app notification, emal and SMS
Velocity split payment between several cards or miles and cash
Velocity Multi Currency Pricing
Velocity fraud screening integrating scoring and recommendation from third fraud system

Added-Value Services


Store customer cards once and enable one-click payment in all channels, with single sign-on and biometric identification where available. You can also offer a unified wallet to your registered customers or your loyalty members by adding vouchers and loyalty points as a currency.

Pay by Link

Retarget customers who drop out at the payment stage and increase conversion rates. Offer a secure payment option to customers using your call centres, eliminating the risk of exchanging card details over the phone with reservation agents.

Split Payment

Offer customers more flexibility by allowing them to combine several payment methods. Let them split the bill between loyalty points, vouchers or professional and private payment methods. Increase your conversion rate and let your customers spent their loyalty points or vouchers.


Dynamically offer customers the choice to pay with the currency they want while they are in a location with a different local currency. Increase conversion and earn your share of foreign exchange commission. Why would you leave this ancillary revenue on the table?

Fraud Screening

Screen all transactions from all your digital channels and better detect fraud. Use customer-centric payment data collected from all channels to improve your fraud detection accuracy and improve acceptance rate for good customers.

Velocity responsive Hosted Payment Pages powering seamlessly laptop, desktop or mobile devices
Velocity 4 2 NMA Tablet and Mobile 100
Velocity RESTful API enabling to power website, mobile web and othe rchannels like call centre reservation, check-in desktop or airport kiosk

Unified UX

Responsive Hosted Payment Pages

Velocity is a truly omni-channel payment orchestration platform delivering the same experience, payment methods and added-value services across all channels.
To make it even simpler and shorten the time to market when you add features or payment methods, we can provide Hosted Payment Pages that ensure the web experience is seamlessly synchronized with other channels. Benefit from our payment UX expertise.

Native Mobile SDK

Use our unique Velocity Software Development Kit (SDK) to give your customers exactly the same payment methods and added-value services in your native mobile app as on your website.
Our UX and development team can support you with design and implementation.

Restful API

If you prefer to develop you own payment pages, Velocity offers a best-in-class RESTful API that can power the same payment experience on all your devices, with all the payment methods and added-value services you activated.
Our UX and development team can support you with design and implementation.

Velocity responsive Hosted Payment Page enabling seamless online UX across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop
Velocity real-time dashboard to view main KPIs and filter results
Velocity deep analytics dashboard to analyse in depth data over 2 years
Velocity automated reconciliation module with graphical user interface


Real-time Dashboard

Payment orchestration requires information. Collect all payment data from all digital payments, in real time, and monitor all payment transactions in one dashboard: payment transactions, payment method used, stored cards, transaction status.
Create your own reports. Drill down to understand better each market, channel, payment provider or customer segment.

Deep Analytics

Build your payments data over years to analyse trends and spot opportunities. Investigate the factors affecting each channel, identify correlations to optimize performance and set up alerts to trigger actions in specific situations.

Automated Reconciliation

Expedite payment reconciliation and settlement by automating the process for all your payment providers. Get consolidated reports for all your payment transactions. Gain productivity and recognize settlement faster.

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