Man using a native mobile app during a flight powered by a full digital platform


Design your end-to-end digital solution

Voyage: Core platform modules


  • Notifications
  • Rule-based Promotions


  • Travel Shopping
  • Customer Profiles


  • Control Console
  • Card Schemes
  • Wallet
  • Alternative Payment Hub
  • Loyalty Points, Vouchers


  • Check-in
  • Booking Management, Refunds
  • Travel Information

Unified UX:

  • Responsive Website / IBE
  • Native Mobile App


  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Deep Analytics

Voyage omni-channel notification engine enabling to send notification via in app, emails and SMS
Voyage rule based promotion powering promotion across all devices using in app notification, SMS and dynamic banners


Run more effective promotions across all digital channels

Reach your customers on their preferred channel or device with powerful omni-channel communication. Select the formats you want: SMS, mobile messaging, emails, notifications… Always keep in touch with your customers in a post-covid world.

Rule-based Promotions

Boost sales and revenues with powerful omni-channel promotions at the right touch point. You can launch campaigns for a single use or automated campaigns triggered by touch point, profile or market. Select the communication formats you want: dynamic banner, SMS, mobile messaging, emails, notifications… Take your customer directly into the booking flow and maximize conversion.

Voyage shopping screen enabling search and book of flights with ancillaries, detailing family fares
Voyage creation and use of customer profile to fast-track the user experience and enable personalisation


Maximize conversion and revenue in all digital channels
Travel Shopping

Give your customer an intuitive and consistent search-and-book experience across all your digital channels (website, native mobile app, chatbot…). Choose a design in line with your own brand. Upsell with your branded fares options and make it easy to add ancillaries in the shopping cart. Monitor your sales funnel in real time and further optimize your conversion.

Customer Profiles

Create a profile for every new customer and store their details to speed up future bookings on any device with single sign-on. Full compliance with GDPR.

Voyage control console to configure all services including roles and permissions, promotions, sell services, payment services and self-service services
Voyage payment via global and local card schemes
Voyage stored card enabling to register new card and reuse it afterwards with single sign on across all channels, enabling one-click payment
Voyage Alternative Payment Hub enabling to integrate across all channels any global or local alternative payment methods like third party wallet, bank transfers, mobile payment, installment and cash-based payment methods
Voyage pay with Miles and Cash on a tablet powered by responsive website


Take control, offer more choice and eliminate payment friction
Control Console

Build your own payment eco-system with the cards, acquirers, alternative forms of payment or payment service providers you need to orchestrate and optimize payments in all your markets. Simply switch on and off any provider from our growing payment eco-system. You are now fully in control to drive transaction costs down and take out payment friction in each market.

Card Schemes

Offer the global and local card schemes customers want in all your markets. We deliver consistent card payment options across web and native mobile apps. Card display can be prioritized for each location to increase conversion. CellPoint is PCI DSS 3.2 certified. We use two factor authentication and dynamic 3D secure. PSD2 ready.


Store customer cards once and enable one-click payment in all channels, with single sign-on and biometric identification where available. You can also offer a unified wallet to your registered customers or your loyalty members by adding vouchers and loyalty points as a currency.

Alternative Payment Hub

Alternative Forms of Payment are proliferating and vital to convert sales, especially on mobile. Pick the AFPs you need globally or locally from our growing hub and integrate them across all channels in a few weeks: mobile payment, third party wallet, bank transfers, installments, cash-based payment. Prioritize them based on customer origin or location. Give more choice to your customers and increase your payment acceptance and conversion rates.

Loyalty Points, Vouchers

Support your customers in uncertain times and let them pay with your own loyalty points, vouchers or gift cards. Your own payment schemes can be integrated as payment methods across all your digital channels. Straightforward implementation: We just need to connect with your loyalty or voucher management system.

Voyage digital check-in issuign boarding via email or via local download on the app
Voyage booking management enabling to retrieve and change booking, changing dares, destinations and adding ancillaries
Voyage enabling omni-channel notification via SMS, in app notification and email


Empower your customers and improve their satisfaction

Boost self-service check-in and fluidify your airport operations. Offer a fast and intuitive check-in process across web and mobile app. Send omni-channel check-in notifications and give travellers the choice to store boarding passes on their mobile device. Use also the check-in moment to sell more ancillaries with paid seats, lounge access or upgrades.

Booking Management, Cancel and Refund

Let your customers self-manage their booking 24/7, freeing up your staff from tedious tasks. Facilitate customer changes to flights/trains and collect extra revenues through penalties and new ancillary sales. Support refunds for cancellations and keep your customers loyal.

Travel Information

Provide customers with proactive travel information, from short delays or gate changes to major disruptions. Use omni-channel notifications to reach them efficiently via SMS, mobile messaging, email or in app notification.

Voyage omni-channel responsive website enabling seamless online UX on mobile, laptop, tablet and desktop
Voyage omni-channel responsive website / IBE providing a seamless online UX on mobile devices, laptop and desktop
Voyage omni-channel native mobile app enabling mobile-first UX on mobile and tablet

Unified User Experience

Offer a consistent and optimized UX across all your channels
Responsive Website / Internet Booking Engine

Offer customers the best website experience with a responsive website / Internet Booking Engine that adapts and responds to whichever device they are using (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone). Also enables notifications and some local data storage. The best technology available today.

Native Mobile App

Offer customers the best mobile experience with a truly native app for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. Let them store boarding passes on their device, work partially offline and download the app. Ideal for repeat customers and loyalty members, generating more engagement via notifications. We also ensure consistency with the mobile web experience: same design, same functionality, same process from promotion to check-in.

Voyage real time dashboard with main KPIs and ability to filter results
Voyage deep analytics dashboard to analyse data over 2 years


Analyze your digital channel in real time and improve performance
Real-time Dashboard

Collect all data from the sales cycle in real time and monitor all transactions from your digital channels in one dashboard: promotions, sales, payments, stored cards, self-service activities. Create your own reports. Drill down to understand better each market, channel, payment provider or customer segment.

Deep Analytics

Build your data over years to analyze trends and improve business forecasting. Investigate the factors affecting each channel, identify correlations to optimize performance and set up alerts to trigger actions in specific situations.

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