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Get results, not just a new payment solution

What can you achieve with our payment platforms?

More digital revenue and better margins.
Because there is no sale without payment, payments really are critical to grow your top line.

A more efficient check-out will radically increase conversion and translate into very significant digital revenues. But that’s not all. An efficient payment platform can lower the average cost of payments by choosing the most cost-efficient route for each transaction, reducing chargebacks and minimising the cost of fraud.

Our customers estimate that an optimized Payment Orchestration Platform with the right payment eco-system can increase digital revenues by 5% to 10% and reduce the total digital payment cost by 10% to 20%.


Increased digital revenue


Decreased payment costs


Reduced total cost of ownership


Faster time to market
South West

Southwest Airlines

"We have been impressed by the uptake of Apple Pay transactions growing month over month. This is wonderful news as we enjoy the highest payment acceptance rate with Apple Pay"

How smart merchants are using CellPoint Digital to optimise payments

Phones Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific

Velocity Payment Orchestration Platform
Intelligent Routing
Stored Cards
Alternative Payment Methods
Currency Conversion
Live very soon

Payment with Apple Pay on Southwest Airliens native mobile app

Southwest Airlines

Velocity Payment Platform
Alternative Payment Methods
Apple Pay for mobile app
and for website

Phones Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines

Voyage Native Mobile App
Stored Cards
Alternative Payment Methods

Alipay mobile payment on Ethiopian Airlines native mobile app

Ethiopian Airlines

Velocity Payment Platform
Alternative Payment Hub

Stored card with single sign on for Emirates enabling one click payment on mobile web

Emirates Airlines

Velocity Payment Platform
Stored cards
Alternative Payment Hub

Malindo Air native mobile app, booking of fare families powered by CellPoint Digital Voyage platform

Malindo Air

Voyage Native Mobile App
Dynamic promotions
Alternative Payment Methods
Stored Cards

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