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Payment Orchestration trailblazer CellPoint Digital takes on subscription market with Rebar Technology

CellPoint Digital, the London-based leader and pioneer of payment orchestration, is strengthening its recurring payment functionality with a new partnership with Rebar Technology. Rebar, a Chicago-based software company, combines off-the-shelf and custom solutions to create the best subscription billing platform for its clients.

The partnership means CellPoint Digital customers will have a business edge in the high growth subscription market worth $650 billion worldwide.

Merchants are often challenged by the complicated, time-consuming, and expensive process of setting up subscription billing systems despite its growing popularity in retail and services sales. The partnership between CellPoint Digital and Rebar will dramatically simplify the business of subscriptions by solving the operational challenges involved, and merchants will be able to bundle Payment Orchestration and subscription management into a simple, single solution.

Kristian Gjerding, CellPoint Digital CEO, said: “We have a lot in common with Rebar. We’ve both created revolutionary technology that drives business impact and enhances customer experience. We both take white-glove care of our customers and together, we help merchants monetize consumer engagement through recurring programs that drive incremental spending.

“This partnership is further proof of our commitment to offering easy-to-implement solutions that take the hassle out of back-office tasks and turn payments into profit,” Gjerding continued.

Nick Fredrick, President and CEO of Rebar Technology, added: “We are excited to be partnering with CellPoint Digital as our Payment Orchestration partner. Separately our platforms can already do incredible things, but together we can drive meaningful impact for our customers. By taking on the demands of consolidating subscription services across multiple acquirers, this partnership promises to save merchants significant time and money.”

The new partnership comes at an exciting time for CellPoint Digital, which has recently undergone a complete brand refresh and added some high-profile names to its growing list of customers and partners.

About CellPoint Digital

CellPoint Digital is a fintech leader in Payment Orchestration. CellPoint Digital’s main solution is a powerful omni-channel Payment Orchestration Platform that optimises digital payment transactions, from cards or alternative payment methods, and accelerates the deployment of new payment options. Merchants can easily scale their own payment ecosystem across the world, unify the customer payment experience across their website, mobile apps and other channels, optimise the routing of each transaction, increase conversion rates and minimise payment costs.

CellPoint Digital has offices in Copenhagen, Dallas, Dubai, London, Miami, Pune and Singapore.

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About Rebar Technology

Rebar’s revolutionary subscription payments technology helps merchants improve operations, increase revenue, and remove compliance headaches, quickly and simply. The company’s unique approach combines the best of off-the-shelf SaaS technology options with the advantages of a fully customized solution. With expertise in subscriptions and subscription payments, Rebar combines a diverse collection of perspectives along with decades of payment industry expertise. Rebar Technology has offices in Chicago, IL and Nashville, TN.

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