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How CellPoint Digital is supporting the medical and education sectors in futureproofing their payment systems

By Kristian Gjerding, CEO, CellPoint Digital

Already established as an industry leader for revolutionising payments in the global airlines sector, CellPoint Digital is bringing its Payment Orchestration Platform to a growing number of industries, including education and medicine.

In today’s world, it’s no secret that consumers now demand fast, secure, and universal payment options which meets their expectation to buy anything, anywhere, at any time. In this increasing globally connected world, businesses that fail to adapt by adopting digital transformation and payment innovation, risk losing out on valuable revenue and market share.

Payment orchestration, which offers a world of payments via a single point of integration, is a key solution to meeting this challenge.

Unsurprisingly, the airlines industry was the first to adopt payment orchestration to meet the demands of an increasingly borderless world. With 10 airline clients, CellPoint Digital has been serving this market since 2017. But, we’re still yet to see mass adoption from broader sectors.

We’re therefore proud to announce two new partnerships with OtiumOne, a Thai based Medical Tourism company, and Odin, Inc., the closed loop payment platform for prestigious boarding schools. Both of which are making steps in revolutionising their payment systems to meet this new world order.

By implementing our Payment Orchestration Platform, new clients will be able to offer a simple and efficient payment solution for their international customer base, to pay using almost all payment methods, in almost any currencies, anywhere in the world. All through a seamless checkout experience. In-turn, this will help these businesses expand into new markets, close more sales, and save on operating costs.

Bringing the education sector into the 21st century

The education sector has long needed innovative payment solutions. One of the biggest issues facing this sector is the need to adapt to the rise of digital transactions and the decline in the use of cash and cheques to pay for school fees. With approximately 40% of students at UK independent boarding schools coming from overseas, having a solution that allows for seamless cross-border payments is essential. By adopting these solutions, schools and students can enjoy a more efficient and secure payment process which brings them into the 21st century.

Payment solutions fit for international medical tourism

The medical tourism industry is a rapidly growing sector, with millions of people travelling to other countries each year to receive medical treatment. However, the payment process can often be a challenge, as patients and healthcare providers may be using different currencies, payment methods, and regulatory systems. Innovative payment solutions are needed to streamline the payment process, reduce costs, and improve the overall patient experience.

The Thailand based company, OtiumOne, offers global customers the ability to book online full-package medical procedures in Thailand, including requirements such as hotels and transport. Now in partnership with CellPoint Digital, OtiumOne can provide a secure and transparent payment solution that is compliant with local regulations, while giving customers a personalized experience. It helps to remove a significant stress for patients who are already dealing with the pressure of medical procedures and travel, therefore increasing the chances of conversion.

This is a very exciting development for CellPoint Digital and a great leap forward in the adoption of orchestration. We’re looking forward to seeing which sectors will be next!