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CellPoint Digital and Kount take on fraud with new partnership

CellPoint Digital, the global leader in Payment Orchestration, today announces a new partnership with Kount®, an Equifax Company, which provides industry-leading e-commerce fraud prevention and digital identity trust solutions.

As global e-commerce transaction volumes continue to increase, so too does fraud. According to a recent study by Juniper Research, the total global e-commerce fraud loss for 2022 is estimated to total over $41 billion. This already alarming figure is expected to increase by almost 20% in 2023.

Commenting on the new partnership, CellPoint Digital’s Global Head of Revenue, Greg Worch said: “Kount is a recognized worldwide leader in e-commerce fraud prevention and digital identity trust solutions, and its services are a great compliment to our offerings. Mitigating losses and staying one step ahead of the fraudsters, requires an effective fraud strategy and solutions that are easy to implement, especially across multiple acquirers.

“Kount’s fraud detection software and prevention tools allow businesses across industries to identify good customers and fraudsters, assess known and emerging risks, engage with the right product offerings, grow revenue opportunities, and comply with regulations. Together we can offer an end-to-end solution that minimizes fraud risks and optimises payments revenue.”

Fraud Orchestration is the next frontier in the industry, allowing merchants to connect fraud tools and related systems, closing the gaps between anti-fraud, cyber, customer services and beyond. It is the combined central fraud layer that streamlines fraud operations, powers fraud automation, manages the customer journey and improves fraud prevention effectiveness.

CellPoint Digital’s Velocity platform empowers the next generation of smart fraud prevention by allowing merchants to capitalize on Fraud Orchestration; intelligently routing to solutions like Kount based on a range of criteria, including currency, geography and payment method.

Through effective Fraud Orchestration with partners like Kount, merchants can more effectively mitigate revenue loss through fraud – simultaneously maximizing acceptance rates, lowering their review rates, and improving their bottom line through Velocity.

The partnership reinforces CellPoint Digital’s ongoing commitment to helping merchants turn payments into a profit booster.

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