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CellPoint Digital & Continuum partner on Payment Orchestration

CellPoint Digital, a global leader in Payment Orchestration, today announces a strategic partnership to expand its successful relationship with Continuum Commerce, which provides multi-currency and FX services.

CellPoint Digital began working with Continuum in 2021, when Continuum’s multi-currency and FX services were integrated into CellPoint’s market-leading Payment Orchestration platform, allowing customers to pay in their preferred currency and with their preferred payment method.

CellPoint’s Payment Orchestration solves many of the challenges specific to the airline sector for which Continuum has traditionally used the platform; it also has much broader applications, especially in light of the boom in cross-border transactions.

CellPoint Digital CEO, Kristian Gjerding, commented: “Cross-border transactions will continue to increase as borders become less relevant to shoppers, and merchants wanting to keep global shoppers engaged and reduce processing costs, must find new ways to optimise these transactions.

“We already have a strong partnership and existing integration with Continuum, having successfully centralised its multi-currency and FX services via our platform. As the increase in online shopping and eCommerce fuels unprecedented growth in cross-border transactions, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to expand together into even more verticals.”

The global eCommerce market is estimated to have reached USD 5.5 trillion in 2021 of which 22% is cross-border. The deployment of CellPoint’s Payment Orchestration with Continuum’s multi-currency and FX services will optimise the customer experience; maximise checkout conversion; manage FX risk exposure; and generate a new revenue stream for merchants.

Continuum’s CEO, Eamonn O’Shea, added: “According to Gartner the average conversion rate of eCommerce websites is 2.86%; allowing customers to transact in their currency of choice and with their preferred payment method will increase conversion rates by up to 20% as well as increasing the average transaction value by up to 8%. We are delighted to extend our very successful partnership with CellPoint beyond airlines into other markets.”

About CellPoint Digital

CellPoint Digital is a fintech leader in Payment Orchestration. CellPoint Digital’s main solution is a powerful omni-channel Payment Orchestration Platform that optimises digital payment transactions, from cards or alternative payment methods, and accelerates the deployment of new payment options. Merchants can easily scale their own payment ecosystem across the world, unify the customer payment experience across their website, mobile apps and other channels, optimise the routing of each transaction, increase conversion rates and minimise payment costs.

CellPoint Digital has offices in Copenhagen, Dallas, Dubai, London, Miami, Pune and Singapore.

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About Continuum Commerce Solutions

Headquartered in Kerry, Ireland – with people in Dublin, London, Mumbai, Bogota and Buenos Aires, Continuum prides itself on its industry knowledge, domain knowledge and technical expertise. Our multi-currency technology solutions enable merchants to reclaim lost foreign exchange margin while increasing customer conversion and average transaction value. The company recognises that while pricing in local currency is important, allowing merchants’ customers to pay in local currency is essential. Offering customers the ability to switch from pricing currency to their preferred payment currency on the ‘path-to-payment’ drives increased browse-to-buy conversion rates of up to 20% and increased Average Transaction Value of 8%.

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