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Boost revenues from all digital channels

What’s stopping you from growing your digital channels?

Legacy and rigid commerce solutions that split channels in silos.
Core reservation systems are pre-internet, pre-smartphone. They are not adapted to a fast-moving digital landscape. Not surprising then that travel companies find it very difficult to grow their digital channels.

Slow time to market:
Adding new features takes ages. Each one requires multiple integrations and you can’t control the timeline.

Broken customer experience:
Your web and mobile channels work in silos. You can’t deliver a consistent experience and offer across channels.

Driven by third party providers:
Your suppliers are in the driving seat. They impose their roadmap or their solution, limiting your strategic options.

High total cost of ownership:
You spend too much maintaining multiple disparate systems. Deploying new features or adding a new integration is very expensive.

Fragmented and unusable data:
The data you could use to grow and personalize your business is buried in different systems… You don’t have a holistic view.

Sub-optimal performance:
You can’t monitor your digital activities in real time nor analyse in depth to understand where you could improve.

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We have a solution

Accelerate your digital channels
Simplify your digital commerce
Unify your customer experience
Control your digital strategy
Optimize digital revenues per customer

Voyage: One platform to manage your entire sales cycle

Voyage is an integrated platform that manages promotion, sales, payment and self-service across all your digital channels. Voyage plugs straight into your existing core systems and gives you access to a growing payment eco-system and travel marketplace.

Integrate just once to unify and optimize all your digital channels, add new forms of payment and deploy new features fast.

Voyage: Core platform modules



Rules-based Promotion



Customer Profiles


Control Console

Card Schemes


Alternative Payment Hub

Loyalty Points, Vouchers



Booking Management

Travel Information

Unified UX

Responsive Web App

Native Mobile App


Real-time Dashboard

Deep Analytics

Voyage: Add-on modules


Location-based Promotion

Personalized Promotion


Third Party Ancillaries

A/B Testing


Pay by Link

Intelligent Routing


Fraud Screening


Loyalty Account


Unified UX:



360 Customer View

All these key modules are built into the Voyage Full Platform. Payment modules are also available in the stand alone Velocity Payment Platform.

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