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Voucher Management

Boost your revenue and customer satisfaction

One holistic Voucher Management solution to incentivise and better serve your customers

Our new generation Voucher Management system is designed to cover every situation where vouchers can be vital, and to simplify life for your customer service team.

Vouchers offer an alternative to refunds, keeping your cash in-house. They can be used to generate more sales via promotions, to sell gifts way ahead of delivering your service or product. And they are a powerful retention tool to offer immediate compensation to dissatisfied customers.

It doesn’t make sense to have different systems managing vouchers in each of these different scenarios. Our holistic solution will handle the issuance, redemption and monitoring of all vouchers, and enable them to be accepted as a simple form of payment across all your channels.

Rediscover the power of vouchers to boost revenues and turn dissatisfied customers into promoters with our integrated and automated Voucher Management solution.

Our Voucher Management system

Issue and redeem vouchers in multiple business scenarios

Enable your customers to use vouchers in multiple channels
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Chatbot
  • Call center
Configure your vouchers and associated rules
  • Permissions
  • Own vouchers
  • Third party vouchers
  • Currencies
  • Business rules
  • Campaigns
Issue vouchers in multiple business scenarios
  • Refund vouchers
  • Promotional voucher
  • Gift vouchers
  • Compensation vouchers
  • Reward vouchers
Let your customer redeem themselves
  • Full redemption
  • Partial redemption
  • Combine with other form of
  • payment
  • Fraud prevention
Monitor and analyse all your voucher transactions
  • Voucher volumes
  • Voucher status
  • Campaign performance
  • Merchant liability
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What can you do with it?

Merchants, particularly airlines, can offer flexible vouchers in multiple scenarios while monitoring them all at once.

Refund voucher to keep the money within your business

Promotion vouchers to incentivize new purchases

Gift voucher to sell your flights or products in advance

Compensation voucher to instantly serve disrupted customers

Why choose our Voucher Management solution?

  1. 01
    All business scenarios:
    • Refund
    • Promotion
    • Gift
    • Compensation
    • Loyalty
  2. 02
    • Website
    • Mobile App
    • Third Party Channel
  3. 03
    Simple and automated:
    • One Platform
    • Automated Issuance
    • Redemption as a Form of Payment
  4. 04
    • Customer Validation
    • 2 Factor Authentication
  5. 05
    • Real-time Monitoring
    • Campaign Performance

Voucher Management system features


Hosted Payment Page

Native Mobile SDK



Voucher Types


Transaction Management


Refund vouchers

Promotion vouchers

Gift vouchers

Compensation vouchers

Loyalty vouchers

Third party vouchers


Full Redemption

Partial Redemption


2 Factor Authentication

Currency Conversion


Real-time Dashboard

Automated Reporting

Campaign Analysis

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