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One payment gateway to power all your digital channels with the payment methods and smart features your customers want

Our leading Payment Gateway platform is the simplest turnkey solution for merchants to implement the highest converting check-out process on website and mobile app, using our RESTful API and iOS or Android mobile.
Select the best acquirers for your market, along with the card schemes and alternative payment methods your customers want from our diverse payment eco-system. Then choose the advanced services you want to boost conversion rates even higher.

Our Payment Gateway platform delivers a frictionless payment experience for your customers, while enabling you to offer the most efficient payment methods and features.

Our Online Payment Gateway

Optimise the check-out with all payment options your customers want

Offer your customers a fast and seamless payment experience in all your digital channels
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Chatbot
  • Call center
  • Other
Pick and operate the best ecosystem for your market
  • Acquirer
  • Acquirer for failover
  • Payment methods
  • Value-add services
410+ payment options
Process transactions via any payment method in any channel
  • Cards
  • Alternative payment methods
410+ payment options
Boost your conversion rates and eliminate payment friction
  • Stored cards
  • Installments
  • Recurring
  • Fraud prevention
Monitor in real-time and optimise performance
  • Payment acceptance
  • Transactions
  • Acquirers
  • Payment methods
410+ payment options
Payment eco-system
410+ payment options
Card Schemes
Alternative Payment Methods
PSPs and Acquirers
Payment Gatway What can we do

What can you do with it?

For merchants who want to integrate a seamless, high-performing payment solution in their digital channels:

Integrate with our API, mobile SDK or Hosted Payment Page

Activate all the payment options your need in your local market

Optimise each transaction with failover options

Protect your revenue with balanced fraud detection

Improve your customer payment experience

Monitor all transactions at once

Ready to modernize your payments infrastructure?

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Why choose our Payment Gateway services?

  1. 01
    Pre-integrated payment options:
    • 290 Acquirers
    • 28 Cards
    • 291 Alternative Payment Methods
  2. 02
    Easy to integrate:
    • Smart API
    • Responsive HPP
    • Mobile SDK
  3. 03
    High conversion:
    • Failover
    • Stored Card
    • Pay by Link
    • Instalments
  4. 04
    Fraud protected:
    • 3D Secure
    • Advanced Fraud Protection
  5. 05
    Easy to manage:
    • Real-time Monitoring
    • Transaction Management

Payment Gateway Platform features


Hosted Payment Page

Native Mobile SDK



Failover Rules

Transaction Management


Card Schemes

Alternative Payment Methods


Stored Cards


Recurring Payment

3D Secure

Fraud Protection


Real-time Dashboard

Automated Reporting

Other options available:

Pay by Link

Split Payment

Currency Conversion

Automated Reconciliation

Chargeback Management

PGW Unify Responsive Hosted Payment Pages Laptop Mobile
PGW Unify Native Mobile App SDK Mobile Tablet
PGW Unify RES Tful API Mobile Desktop Tablet


Responsive Hosted Payment Pages

Our Payment Gateway is truly omni-channel. We aim to deliver the same experience, payment methods and added-value services across all channels.
To make it even simpler and shorten the time to market when you add features or payment methods, we can provide Hosted Payment Pages that ensure your web experience is seamlessly synchronised with other channels. Benefit from our leading-edge payment UX expertise.

Native Mobile SDK

Use our Android and iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) to give your customers exactly the same payment methods and added-value services in your native mobile app as on your website.
Our UX and development team can support you with design and implementation.


If you prefer to develop your own payment pages, we offer a best-in-class RESTful API that can power the same payment experience across all your channels, with all the payment methods and added-value services you have activated.
Our UX and development team can support you with design and implementation.

PGW Manage Failover Rules
PGW Manage Transaction Management


Failover Rules

Make sure you always have an alternative in case a card transaction gets declined. Define the failover rules between your selected acquirers and enjoy the highest possible conversion rate.

Transaction Management

Allows authorised users to retrieve any payment transactions, monitor their status in real time and take action manually if needed (cancel, refund, etc.).

PGW Process Cards Schemes Tablet
PGW Process Alternative Payment Methods Laptop


Card Schemes

Offer the global and local card schemes you need in all your markets. We deliver consistent card payment options across web and native mobile app. Card display can be prioritized for each location to increase conversion rates.
CellPoint is PCI DSS 3.2 certified. We use two-factor authentication and dynamic 3D secure. PSD2 ready.

Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative methods of payment are proliferating and are vital to convert sales, especially on mobile. Pick the ones you need globally or locally from our growing eco-system and integrate them across all channels in a few weeks: mobile payment, 3rd party wallet, bank transfers, instalments, cash-based payments. Prioritise them based on customer origin or location.
Give more choice to your customers and increase your payment acceptance and conversion rates.

PGW Improve Stored Cards Mobile
PGW Improve Installments Laptop
PGW Improve Recurring Tablet
PGW Improve 3 D Secure Mobile
PGW Improve Fraud Prevention Desktop


Stored Cards

Store customer cards once and enable one-click payment in all channels, with single sign-on and biometric identification where available. You can also offer a unified wallet to your registered customers by adding vouchers as a currency.


Allowing your customers to pay over several months will increase both your conversion rate and shopping basket value! Our smart instalment feature supports country-specific regulations and is only offered for the card schemes you select.

Recurring Payments

Offer a recurring payment scheme to your customers after the first authorisation. This is the best way to charge for the services you provide to them over time and to build up your customer lifetime value while making your services affordable every month or every year. You decide.

3D Secure

3D Secure is critical to some card transactions and is even mandatory in some markets. With dynamic 3DS 2.0 you will be able to avoid inconvenience for proven good customers by applying dynamic rules. Offer 3DS 1.0 and/or 3DS 2.0 based on your market needs to protect you against fraud without discouraging secure customers.

Fraud Prevention

Implement smart fraud prevention processes pre- and post- authorisation to turn away fraudsters but not good customers. It is all a question of balance. The leading CyberSource Decision Manager fraud detection tool is already integrated.

PGW Monitor Real time Dashboard
PGW Monitor Automated Reporting


Real-time Dashboard

Access all payment data from all digital channels in real time and monitor all transactions in one dashboard: payment transactions, payment method used, stored cards, transaction status.
Analyse each channel or payment provider.

Automated Reporting

Receive automatically all the payment data and KPIs you need by market, channel, payment provider, payment methods etc.
Easily configure and download the reports you need defining data samples and using filters.

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