Couple making digital payments on responsive website or mobile native app powered by Velocity omni-channel Payment Orchestration Platform


Orchestrate and optimize all your digital payments

What’s stopping you from optimizing your digital payments?

Legacy payment solutions and ever more complex payment requirements.

With the rise of mobile, the proliferation of new payment methods and the increasing risk of fraud and data breach, it has become a tough and costly challenge for travel companies to stay ahead of the market. Legacy systems prevent you from orchestrating your payments effectively.

Slow time to market:
Adding new payment features takes ages. Each needs multiple integrations and your vendor controls the timeline.

Broken customer experience:
Your customers feel the friction as they try to pay, re-use their stored card, use a new payment method or just pay the same way online or via mobile app.

Driven by third party providers:
Your Payment Service Provider is in control and favours routing that supports its acquiring business. You cannot switch nor implement new payment methods fast.

High total cost of ownership:
You spend a lot maintaining multiple disparate systems and deploying new feature or payment options is expensive.

Limited data-driven optimization:
Your data are spread by channel so you can’t monitor all your transactions nor optimize routing. You screen all customers the same way for fraud.

Sub-optimal performance:
Your payment acceptance rate is below the 87% industry average but you don’t really know why. You don’t chase customers who drop out at payment.

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We have a solution

Accelerate the roll-out of new payment methods
Unify your customer payment experience
Control your payment eco-system and increase acceptance rates
Optimize every transaction
Simplify the way you manage digital payments across all channels

Velocity: One platform to orchestrate all your digital payments

Velocity is an integrated Payment Orchestration Platform that enables travel companies to optimize their payment strategy fast and eliminate payment friction across all their digital channels.

Velocity plugs straight into your existing core systems and provides access to a growing payment eco-system where you can easily pick and add the partner you need.

Adapted for use in all travel segments, Velocity dramatically reduces time to market for new payment methods, drives down costs and increases payment acceptance rates.

Velocity: Core platform modules


Control Console

Intelligent Routing


Card Schemes

Direct Scheme Connection

Alternative Payment Hub

Loyalty Points, Vouchers

Added-Value Services:


Pay by Link

Split Payment


Fraud Screening

Unified UX:

Responsive Hosted Payment Pages

Native Mobile SDK

Restful API


Real-time Dashboard

Deep Analytics

Automated Reconciliation

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