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Payment Orchestration can benefit all merchants

A few years ago, we started receiving requests from merchants from other verticals and understood that our Payment Orchestration Platform could solve payment challenges for numerous merchants, stuck with legacy and rigid payment gateways.
In fact, digital customer expectations are rising fast in every country, and any merchant with the ambition to develop digital commerce needs to offer customers their preferred method payment and the flexibility they want in all digital channels.

So, if we managed to simplify and optimise payments for complex travel companies, we probably can do it for your specific vertical, too.

Customer from Distribution vertical


The distribution business has been under a constant evolution for many years, combining physical outlets and digital channels. Mobile and online ordering, click and collect, in store contactless payment or home delivery trends have all accelerated in response to the pandemic, and these changes are here to stay. Distributors need robust and efficient payment platforms that support rapidly changing customer preferences who will pay less and less with cash.

Payment Orchestration Platform for international distribution chains.
Payment Gateway with the right payment methods for more local or regional chains.

Customer from Food Delivery vertical

Food Delivery

Among the new enterprises that have ballooned in the last few years, the home food delivery service is definitely at the top of the list, boosted by the pandemic, but also based on a mainly young, urban customer’s desire for instant, easy ordering and fast delivery. Success for these companies requires a frictionless payment solution embedded into both app and website, so that consumers can buy with one click, over and over again.

Payment Orchestration Platform for international food delivery companies.
Omni-channel Payment Gateway for more local or regional ones.

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Entertainment & Media

The way customers consume music and entertainment radically changed with the success of online entertainment platforms, boosted by the pandemic. Mastering digital payments and online subscriptions, often across different channels and currencies, has become business-critical for media and entertainment companies. Content producers and distributors must be able to respond fast to rapidly changing consumption patterns and having the right payment platform is essential.

Payment Orchestration Platform for digital entertainment platforms operating in several countries.
Payment Gateway with advanced recurring payments for more local or regional players.

Customer from Electronics vertical


The market for electronics, especially computers, tablets, smartphones and home assistant devices, has survived the pandemic in good shape. Consumers have invested heavily in products that are the gateway to digital commerce and home entertainment. But for these high-ticket items the payment experience can make or break the sale, with payment by instalments clearly boosting the conversion rate.

Payment Orchestration Platform for international electronics companies with instalments.

Customer from Healthcare vertical


Consumers are more and more open to online medical consultation and service delivery including medication, diagnostics, health monitoring and test results via digital channels. Healthcare providers and medical companies need to urgently develop and integrate their digital channels and offer patients the right payment methods and payment plans to support their services.

Payment Gateway with flexible payment plans to power local healthcare companies’ digital channels.
Payment Orchestration for businesses operating across several countries.

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Financial Services

Financial services are by definition virtual and promise continuous growth with fintech and AI powered recommendations. But for customers to buy insurance, invest or lend online, they need to trust the payment process. A secure and fraud-protected payment platform is a must for financial services business to develop their online business, building customer confidence and limiting risks.

Payment Gateway with the right local payment methods for more local / regional companies.
Payment Orchestration Platform for players across multiple countries.

Customer from Education vertical

Online education

Another digital revolution was accelerated by the global pandemic: Education. With schools, universities, colleges and other training providers forced to moved online, many have discovered the potential for reaching wider international markets for their educational programmes and products. Organisations delivering learning through digital channels also need to offer flexible payment methods to charge for one-off courses, premium services or subscriptions.

Payment Orchestration Platform for international online education business.
Payment Gateway with the right local payment methods for more local / regional companies.

Customer from Electronics vertical

Online Gaming

Today’s gamers are no longer buying hard copy games for their consoles. They are playing online, using diskless consoles with their network. Gaming companies will become 100% online... or they won’t exist. However, they need a secure and seamless payment methods to make in-game purchases easy and trusted recurring payments to retain gamers in every market.


Payment Orchestration Platform for international online gaming companies.
Omni-channel Payment Gateway with stored cards and recurring payment capabilities for more local or regional companies.