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Boost your online retail business with payment orchestration

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No retailer can afford to neglect payments

The pandemic has accelerated the trend: “no digital channel, no business”. Distributors and consumer brands are all realizing that growth depends on their virtual shopping cart - and too many retail sales are lost at check-out.

It is essential to offer the payment methods that web and mobile shoppers want, and to make sure each transaction goes through smoothly. However, this presents a true challenge: to optimise payments across numerous countries with different payment preferences…

Payment Platform

CellPoint Digital’s solution: a Payment Orchestration Platform

Our Payment Orchestration Platform, Velocity, makes it simple for global retailers to simplify and optimise payments in all markets, while keeping the back office simple.

Define your payment strategy,
pick the payment options you need to build your own sophisticated eco-system with as many acquirers and PSPs as you need, add value with smart services to increase your conversion rates and optimise all your payments end-to-end across your websites and mobile apps.

Our RESTful API and native mobile SDKs will enable you to ensure a seamless experience wherever your digital customers buy. Our Payment Orchestration Platform has delivered results for probably the world’s most complex retailers, airlines, and we are now rolling it out to all retailers.

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Payment Orchestration: The Future of Global Retail Payments is Local

The pandemic has irreversibly changed the retail customer journey, with more consumers than ever before shopping online and global web traffic increasing by 27 percent YoY, says Mark Patrick, Global Head of Payments, CellPoint Digital

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Improved conversion rates

  • Offer customers their preferred payment methods
  • Offer one-click payments
  • Provide failover options
  • Enable split payment and installments

Reduce payment costs

  • Regain bargaining power and control
  • Optimize the routing of each transaction
  • Reduce cross-border transactions

Reduce total IT cost

  • Minimal integration costs for new partners / payment methods
  • Simplify your payment solution end-to-endReduce the cost of fraud detection
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