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We focus on travel because it matters

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Travel specialists

Choose a team that really understands your travel business.
CellPoint is a true travel market specialist. We know the processes and priorities of the travel sector inside out, whether you’re selling flights, train tickets or hotel nights. This focus enables us to simplify the complexities of digital travel markets.
We get the challenges that travel companies face due to the way legacy systems were designed. We understand travellers’ pain points and know how to accelerate integration processes. That’s why you need a travel specialist.

Two platforms, multiple travel segments

Benefit from our experience gained across multiple travel segments.
Travel companies have similar critical needs: compete in the digital world, optimize digital payment and simplify the customer experience. CellPoint works for multiple travel segments and offers two solutions enabling you to win in all digital channels.
Our Full Platform, Voyage, is up and running for airlines, rail operators and mass transit companies and is progressively rolling out to other travel segments.
Our Payment Platform, Velocity, can power any travel segment and is already deployed for airlines, rail operators, mass transit companies, taxi companies, hotel chains and theme parks.

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Digital channels are critical to cost reduction and revenue growth. They also give air passengers what they want: a personal relationship with the airline and a super-smooth booking and payment experience.

Voyage: grow sales and improve service.
Velocity: optimize digital payments.

Sample customers:
Emirates Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Lion Air Group
Philippine Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Viva Air

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Millions of business and leisure rail travellers are connected via smart phone and ready to use mobile booking, tickets and payment. Rail operators have everything to gain by optimizing digital and mobile channels.

Voyage: optimize ticketing and payment on mobile.
Velocity: optimize digital payment.

Case study:
Danish Rail (DSB)

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Mass transit

Underground, city bus and tram commuters are generally short on time. For mass transit companies delivering mobility as a service, mobile is the best way for riders to buy tickets and get the latest information on arrivals.

Voyage: roll-out mobile ticketing and payments.
Velocity: offer all the latest mobile payment methods.

Sample customer:
Copenhagen Public Transport (DOT)

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Intercity bus companies are moving to digital channels and payments to meet the expectations of young, mobile-native, international travellers who expect real-time information and new payment methods.

Velocity: offer new payment methods and optimize payment.

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Business visitors and tourists from all over the world have a vast choice of competitive option to book their hotel. Hotel chains need to lead them to book direct via digital channels and facilitate the payment of extras like in-room delivery.

Velocity: roll-out the latest payment methods and optimize payments.

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Today's travellers want to book destination activities, such as tours, concerts and theme parks, as part of their travel experience. They want to buy tickets fast, using digital channels and their preferred payment method.

Velocity: deploy local and global payment methods and optimize payments.

Sample customer:
Music Planet Live

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Whether holiday-takers or local residents, ferry passengers want booking and paying for their crossing to be as easy as possible. Ferry companies can increase traffic and upsell on-board commerce by offering the most convenient and preferred payment options.

Velocity: roll-out new payment methods and optimize payments across all channels.

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The market for cruising has grown in double digits, with an ever wider demographic enjoying the variety of complex travel packages on offer. With only 20% of bookings currently processed through digital channels, there is incredible scope for cruise companies to grow revenues and sell more destination ancillaries by optimizing payments.

Velocity: roll-out new payment methods and optimize payments.

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Online travel agency

Online travel agencies certainly lead in the digital travel space, but fluid payment remains a challenge to secure sales cost-effectively from digitally-fluent individual and corporate travellers, who always shop around. The key to increasing conversion rates is an omni-channel experience and a full range of local and global payment options.

Velocity: integrate new payment methods fast and increase conversion rates.

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