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We serve airlines, travel and other verticals

We started in travel and expanded to help other businesses

If our payment solution solves payment issues for airlines, it can do the same for you.

The travel industry pioneered e-commerce with online travel agencies. Travel was the leading digital commerce market before the pandemic… and will certainly be the leader again soon. We started by serving travel merchants – rail operators and then airlines – and learned how to fulfil the needs of their very demanding customers across all digital channels and all their destinations.

If our platform can orchestrate and optimise payments for global airlines across their entire network and offer the preferred payment methods of their customers everywhere, it can do it for you, whatever vertical you are operating in.

We are now serving the needs of merchants from any vertical and across any geographical scope.

Customer from Airlines vertical

Our sweet spots: payments for airlines

We enjoy solving the unique airline payment challenge.

Our team is passionate about airlines. We understand in depth their complex needs to serve international passengers across multiple channels and markets.

Our Payment Orchestration Platform makes it simple for global airlines to optimise payments in all their markets while keeping the back office simple. We have successfully delivered numerous airline payment innovation projects for the likes of Emirates, Southwest Airlines and Cebu Pacific, and we won’t stop there.

For example, our new holistic Voucher Management solution will solve unique airline business needs, from fast compensation for disrupted passengers to finding refund alternatives that protect revenue.

Travel technology specialist looking at a travel native mobile app

Our original expertise: travel

Our platforms optimise payments wherever your customers buy or travel.

Travel means mobility, many international customers, lots of loyal customers, fast-growing digital commerce and usage of multiple devices along the journey. Because we have focused on travel since our origin, we understand these needs. Our payment solutions are omni-channel, mobile-native and ready for cross-border optimization.

We also built a worldwide payment eco-system so that your customers pay always with their preferred methods, currency or options wherever they travel. And we know a lot about how to integrate with your reservation system… the basis for supporting travel companies

Rail operators


Millions of business and leisure travellers are connected via smartphone and expect to buy and pay on their mobile with minimal friction.
Rail operators need to adopt an omni-channel approach that ensures a mobile-first experience, including flexible payment plans to renew monthly travel pass and even currency exchange if they have international travellers.

Powerful Payment Gateway powering seamlessly website and mobile.

Mass transit operator - Metro

Mass transit

Underground, city bus and tram commuters are generally short on time. For mass transit companies delivering mobility as a service, mobile is the best way for riders to buy tickets and get the latest information on arrivals.
But purchase needs to be optimized for smart phone with the most relevant payment methods, including wallets.

Powerful Payment Gateway with a mobile first approach.

Customer from Car Rental Taxi vertical


Taxi company or new car sharing companies are competing against super apps which integrate payment seamlessly. Their customers are expecting a mobile-first payment experience which makes payment invisible when they use the service again.

Payment Orchestration Platform to deploy local and global payment methods for international car rental or taxi company

Payment Gateway with all relevant new payment methods for more local / regional car businesses

Intercity bus companies


Intercity bus companies are moving to digital channels and payments to meet the expectations of young, mobile-native, international travellers who expect real-time information and new payment methods.

Payment Gateway with new payment methods for local regional players



Business visitors and tourists from all over the world have a vast choice of competitive option to book their hotel. Hotel chains need to encourage direct booking via digital channels and facilitate the payment of extras like in-room delivery.

Payment Orchestration Platform to optimise online payment across multiple countries for international chains.
Payment Gateway with all relevant new payment methods for more local / regional chains

Theme park - Tour and activity


Today's travellers want to book more and more destination activities, such as tours, concerts and theme parks, online or on the go. They want to buy tickets fast, using digital channels and their preferred payment method.

Payment Orchestration Platform to deploy local and global payment methods and optimize payments
Payment Gateway with all relevant new payment methods for more local / regional chains

Online Travel Agency homepage

Online travel agency

Online travel agencies certainly lead in the digital travel space, but efficient payment orchestration remains a challenge to secure sales and loyalty from digitally-fluent individual and corporate travellers, who always shop around. The key to increasing conversion rates is a great user experience on all devices with a full range of local and global payment options.

Payment Orchestration Platform to integrate new payment methods fast and increase conversion rates.
Payment Gateway for local or regional online travel agencies.

Ferry companies


Whether holiday-takers or local residents, ferry passengers want booking and paying for their crossing to be as easy as possible. Ferry companies can increase traffic and upsell on-board commerce by offering the most convenient and preferred payment options.

Payment Gateway to roll-out new payment methods and optimize payments across all channels.

Cruise company


The market for cruising has grown in double digits, with an ever-wider demographic enjoying the variety of complex travel packages on offer. As companies respond to the pandemic with covid-secure cruising, this high-potential market will return, and with only 20% of bookings currently processed through digital channels, there is incredible scope for higher revenues by optimising payments.

Payment Orchestration Platform to optimise online payment across multiple countries for international cruise company.
Payment Gateway with all relevant new payment methods for more local cruise company.

Customer from any merchant that want to boost payment performance

Our true market: ANY merchant seeking to boost digital transactions

Payment Orchestration can benefit all merchants

A few years ago, we started receiving requests from merchants from other verticals and understood that our Payment Orchestration Platform could solve payment challenges for numerous merchants, stuck with legacy and rigid payment gateways.
In fact, digital customer expectations are rising fast in every country, and any merchant with the ambition to develop digital commerce needs to offer customers their preferred method payment and the flexibility they want in all digital channels.
So, if we managed to simplify and optimise payments for complex travel companies, we probably can do it for your specific vertical, too.

Customer from Retail vertical


The pandemic has accelerated the trend: “no digital channel, no business”. Consumer brands are all realising the potential of digital channels and the virtual shopping cart to reach a wider market. But retailers can’t afford to lose sales at check-out, so need to offer the payment methods customers want to use… which are more and more mobile, contactless and also very different from one market to another.

Payment Orchestration Platform for retailers operating in several countries.
Payment Gateway with advanced payment methods for more local or regional retailers.

Customer from Distribution vertical


The distribution business has been under a constant evolution for many years, combining physical outlets and digital channels. Mobile and online ordering, click and collect, in store contactless payment or home delivery trends have all accelerated in response to the pandemic, and these changes are here to stay. Distributors need robust and efficient payment platforms that support rapidly changing customer preferences who will pay less and less with cash.

Payment Orchestration Platform for international distribution chains.
Payment Gateway with the right payment methods for more local or regional chains.

Customer from Food Delivery vertical

Food Delivery

Among the new enterprises that have ballooned in the last few years, the home food delivery service is definitely at the top of the list, boosted by the pandemic, but also based on a mainly young, urban customer’s desire for instant, easy ordering and fast delivery. Success for these companies requires a frictionless payment solution embedded into both app and website, so that consumers can buy with one click, over and over again.

Payment Orchestration Platform for international food delivery companies.
Omni-channel Payment Gateway for more local or regional ones.

Customer from Electronics vertical


The market for electronics, especially computers, tablets, smartphones and home assistant devices, has survived the pandemic in good shape. Consumers have invested heavily in products that are the gateway to digital commerce and home entertainment. But for these high-ticket items the payment experience can make or break the sale, with payment by instalments clearly boosting the conversion rate.

Payment Orchestration Platform for international electronics companies with instalments.

Customer from Healthcare vertical


Consumers are more and more open to online medical consultation and service delivery including medication, diagnostics, health monitoring and test results via digital channels. Healthcare providers and medical companies need to urgently develop and integrate their digital channels and offer patients the right payment methods and payment plans to support their services.

Payment Gateway with flexible payment plans to power local healthcare companies’ digital channels.
Payment Orchestration for businesses operating across several countries.

Customer from Financial Services vertical

Financial Services

Financial services are by definition virtual and promise continuous growth with fintech and AI powered recommendations. But for customers to buy insurance, invest or lend online, they need to trust the payment process. A secure and fraud-protected payment platform is a must for financial services business to develop their online business, building customer confidence and limiting risks.

Payment Gateway with the right local payment methods for more local / regional companies.
Payment Orchestration Platform for players across multiple countries.

Customer from Education vertical

Online education

Another digital revolution was accelerated by the global pandemic: Education. With schools, universities, colleges and other training providers forced to moved online, many have discovered the potential for reaching wider international markets for their educational programmes and products. Organisations delivering learning through digital channels also need to offer flexible payment methods to charge for one-off courses, premium services or subscriptions.

Payment Orchestration Platform for international online education business.
Payment Gateway with the right local payment methods for more local / regional companies.

Customer from Gaming and Gambling vertical

Online gaming

Today’s gamers are no longer buying hard copy games for their consoles. They are playing online, using diskless consoles with their network. Gaming companies will become 100% online... or they won’t exist. However, they need a secure and seamless payment methods to make in-game purchases easy and trusted recurring payments to retain gamers in every market.


Payment Orchestration Platform for international online gaming companies.
Omni-channel Payment Gateway with stored cards and recurring payment capabilities for more local or regional companies.

Customer from Entertainment and media vertical

Entertainment and media

The way customers consume music and entertainment radically changed with the success of online entertainment platforms, boosted by the pandemic. Mastering digital payments and online subscriptions, often across different channels and currencies, has become business-critical for media and entertainment companies. Content producers and distributors must be able to respond fast to rapidly changing consumption patterns and having the right payment platform is essential.

Payment Orchestration Platform for digital entertainment platforms operating in several countries.
Payment Gateway with advanced recurring payments for more local or regional players.

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