Resources 14 December 2018

Outlook 2019: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Often considered as a single economic region, there are as many differences as there are similarities between Latin America and the Caribbean, from local dialects and languages to fragmented retail payment systems and countless new alternative payment methods (APMs). It can be complicated – and costly – for airlines to act as travel merchants and make everyday transactions, including booking and payments, more seamless and convenient for customers.

CellPoint Mobile’s Outlook 2019: Looking Ahead at Latin America and the Caribbean report provides insights and analysis for any airline or travel brand doing business within the region, helping them identify its structural challenges to ecommerce and how they can develop or adapt their mobile strategies to drive conversions and profits.

Some of the report’s key topics include:

  • High-level business analysis of Latin America and the Caribbean, market-specific intelligence, and traveler-focused profiles of individual countries (Cuba, Brazil).
  • Detailed overview of the many different alternative payment methods (APMs) in the region, from bank transfers and cash vouchers to installments, local/regional credit cards and full-functioning mobile wallets.
  • Why mobile booking and seamless payments are “table stakes” for airlines and other travel merchants to increase profit margins and grow ancillary revenue in the region.
  • How Latin American and Caribbean airlines can start integrating ancillaries into a more holistic, seamless mobile experience where they can engage growing volumes of passengers and capture more of their travel dollars (or pesos, or reals...).
  • How payment service providers (PSPs) have “filled a vacuum” in Latin America and the Caribbean by helping travel merchants expand beyond traditional payment networks.

The Outlook 2019: Looking Ahead at Latin America and the Caribbean report will be relevant to any airline or travel merchant operating in the region – or in any emerging region where financial inclusion, alternative payment methods and cross-border ecommerce are converging to create new and larger markets for travel and tourism.

Download the report now to learn how you can accelerate your airline’s path to profits in this key global region.