Insights 29 May 2019 By: Ciaran Wilson

What’s Keeping African Airline Execs Awake at Night: What We Learned at AviaDev 2019

While each continent and market has its own characteristics and faces its own set of challenges, the African airline market is unique. Africa is the world’s second-fastest-growing aviation market, projected to carry 334 million PAX by 2037 (according to IATA). The relatively recent SAATM initiative promises increased liberalization of the aviation market in the decade ahead, yet fraud remains a persistent issue for most airlines operating on the continent, compounding the challenge the region’s airline face operating on negative profit margins. And many African airlines – like their global counterparts – have difficulty in attracting passengers to book through their direct channels, relying primarily on OTAs and aggregators for most of their bookings – and losing margin and customer relationships as a result.