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Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team has deep experience in payments and technology acquired with leading service providers and international merchants. The perfect mix to make the right decisions and execute fast.

Executive leadership team

Kristian Gjerding purple dark 1

Kristian Gjerding

Head of Strategic Execution, CEO

Kristian leads the team and drives business growth. Kristian is a serial entrepreneur and held leadership position at Network Appliance and Sun Microsystems before co-founding CellPoint Mobile.

Greg Worch green

Greg Worch

Head of Revenue

Greg’s mission is to convert businesses in multiple verticals to payment orchestration and to scale our global revenue rapidly and sustainably. He brings 30+ years of experience in delivering superfast growth for the likes of Worldpay, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments and a variety of early-stage technology organizations.

Tom Randklev pink

Tom Randklev

Head of Product

Based in Atlanta, Tom loves developing new payment solutions that make a real difference to merchants and their customers. Leveraging his serious fintech experience with Global Payments and TYSYS, he drives the agile expansion of our payment orchestration platform and eco-system.

Jan willem Luijters yellow

Jan-Willem Luijters

Head of Delivery

Jan’s superpower is his ability to keep completely focused on successful implementation. He acquired this ability while delivering complex projects for airlines, working with Amadeus, KLM and Air Berlin. Attached to the Copenhagen office, he is rather obsessed by customer satisfaction.

Marc Patrick purple light

Mark Patrick

Global Head of Payments

Mark’s expertise is in cross-border payments. He has developed and implemented strategies and solutions for fintech start-ups and global payment powerhouses such as Mastercard, Visa/Cybersource and Ingenico. His current mission is to execute a global payment strategy for CellPoint Digital that will continue to disrupt the traditional value chain and deliver a step change in the industry.

Kjeld Pharao blue

Kjeld Pharao

Head of Technology and Engineering

Kjeld’s experience is in scaling technology teams, which he has successfully done for both start-ups and industry giants like Maersk and IBM. His task is overall management of our software engineering and technical operations, making sure our platform develops fast and scales without a glitch.

Paul Glover green

Paul Glover

Head of Strategic Finance, CFO

As an entrepreneurial investment banker with decades of experience in the financial markets, Paul oversees all our financial operations and business financing. He is based in New York City and held senior positions at Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust and RW Pressprich.

Marc yellow

Marc Moskowitz

Head of Business Alignment, AKA Anti Chaos Officer

Marc brings operational excellence and cross-functional business alignment to everything we do. His background running global operations, process improvement, and technology teams at Fiserv, Nielsen, PwC and others enable him to drive scalability, efficiency, and continuous improvement across our functional teams. Marc is based in Tampa, Florida.

Kevin Weber pink

Kevin Weber

Head of Product and Payment Strategy

Kevin has 30 years of consulting experience in the Airline, IT and Healthcare sectors. His passion is the end to end payment ecosystem and it's financial optimization. He focuses on detailed ROI analysis within the payment ecosystem to identify ways of continuously improving the payment orchestration platform.

Operational leadership team

Howard Blankenship purple dark

Howard Blankenship

Head of Enterprise Sales

Howard Blankenship leads on the sale of transformative payment orchestration solutions to global enterprises worldwide. His passion is to develop long term fruitful relationships with customers. Howard brings years of experience in closing win-win deals with large organizations for NAVBLUE and Sabre. Howard is based in Dallas, Texas.

Ripudaman Nanda green

Ripudaman Nanda

Head of Product Management

Ripudaman is a forward thinker with a talent for mapping product pathways and driving along them perfectly. That’s why he has responsibility for managing our product roadmap and portfolio. Based in Pune, his previous product management, consulting and engineering experience was with Accenture and Tech Mahindra.

Moiz Siddiqui pink

Moiz Siddiqui

Head of Customer Service

Moiz has the specialist skillset needed to know exactly what customers expect and to make sure everything runs like clockwork. He leads our global customer service desk, sharing more than 16 years of experience in IT operations and service delivery, including experience at Exela Technologies and the Sitel Group.

Bhalchandra Patil yellow

Bhalchandra Patil

Head of Software Engineering

Bhalchandra leads our clever software team, which makes him responsible for delivering our products and integration projects. Based in Pune, he has 17+ years of experience in software architecture and engineering, working with global firms like Syntel and Tech Mahindra.

Siobhon Watson purple light

Siobhon Watson

Head of Marketing Communication

Siobhon makes sure the world knows all about our unique brand proposition and world-leading products, focussing our marketing activities on generating genuine awareness and leads. Based in London, she knows how to grow fintech brands, with experience from the likes of Flywire and Global Payments.

Flemming Zahle blue

Flemming Zhale

Head of Culture & Team

Flemming is based in Denmark, where his role is nurturing the unique CellPoint team spirit, not least by recruiting people who embrace our values and mission. He has solid experience of growing great teams and establishing new offices for global IT businesses like Intel, Fujitsu and Philips. And, obviously, for us.

Alice Medcraft purple dark

Alice Medcraft

Head of Legal

Alice is a trusted legal advisor to the CellPoint team, managing contracting, risk, good governance and ensuring that we are compliant with the law in everything we do. Based in London, Alice's previous roles include Legal Counsel for Swarovski and Six Degrees Group.

Alex green

Alexander Stephens

Head of Business Intelligence

Alex is a chartered accountant who loves to crunch data. His role is consolidating and analysing the information we need to monitor performance and drive business growth. With this real time data-driven insight, he leads on financial planning, and ensures we invest in all the right places.

Kim Hansen pink

Kim Hansen

Head of Technology Operations

Kim's experience with DevOps and automation is key for scaling the infrastructure and deployment pipeline. His focus is to continuously optimize the development lifecycle through a cloud-native and scalable infrastructure. Kim is based in the Copenhagen office.

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