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Join the team and enjoy the ride

Join the team

At CellPoint, we know that teamwork gets things done faster and better. We have 130+ people from 12 nationalities, working in a “team of teams” structure. We travel too. Everyone shares with full transparency our company goals and progress. That’s why as a candidate you will meet several of us, so you can see what the team feels like.

Ready to meet the team?

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Embrace the mission

Travel is an exciting industry that is right now poised to take best advantage of new technologies like AI and blockchain. Our aim is to disrupt legacy travel system vendors, with innovative digital commerce and payment solutions, liberating travel companies so they can really take off.

Ready to challenge the legacy world?

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Enjoy a different way of working

We expect every one of our team members to take responsibility and to be accountable. In exchange you’ll get the autonomy you need to get the job done, and you’ll enjoy our flexible working ethos. Of course, you’ll get great training and support from other talented people in your team. But you’ll be responsible for making your own decisions.

Ready for a high level of autonomy and responsibility?

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Enjoy the ride

The digital travel market is booming. As we scale up, we are poised for very fast growth: if you have never experienced this kind of acceleration, now is the time!

This planned expansion will generate exciting career openings for you globally and a unique opportunity for rewards based on our performance, over and above our highly competitive salaries and benefits.

Ready for a unique and rewarding growth experience?

Like it? Here is who are looking for right now

Lead Java Developer

Pune / India

Looking for a full time Lead Java Developer to work in our Pune Office.

For more information click here to view the job description.

Product Architect

Pune / India

Looking for a full time Product Architect to join the team in Pune.

For more information click here to view the job description.

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